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Monte di Procida riparte dalla cultura

02/06/2021 12:53


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Monte di Procida riparte dalla cultura

Nel quadro delle iniziative descritte e in continuità con le azioni di promozione e valorizzazione del territorio avviate dal 2015 nasce l’iniziativa

As part of the initiatives described and in continuity with the promotion and enhancement of the territory launched in 2015, the "Monte di Procida starts from Culture" initiative was born.

The project invests in the relaunch of cultural activities in the area. The initiatives of the territory, cultural and otherwise, have seen their slowdown due to the pandemic, which not only hindered the development of any type of cultural expression and / or event, but also isolated the person from the territory and from others.

The initiative aims to reconnect the territory and the community through initiatives that enhance the local cultural, historical and artistic heritage in order to involve and entertain citizens and at the same time broaden their knowledge of the beauties and cultural resources of the place.

In December 2020 with the call for "Monte di Procida starts from culture", the Municipality offered local associations the opportunity to present cultural projects aimed at enhancing the territory through different forms of artistic and cultural expression.

The proposals selected by the evaluation commission will give life to events and initiatives that will be financially supported by the Municipality of Monte di Procida and which will take place in compliance with the anti Covid regulations in force, from June to December 2021.

The project is promoted by the Department of Culture of Monte di Procida, and is managed under the technical direction of the Head of the sector Arch. Bibiana Schiano di Cola with the coordination of Maestro Antonio Colandrea.

Calendar of events and reviews of the project:

The following is attached the card of the events and initiatives of the "Monte di Procida starts from culture" billboard:

1. Katharsis / Music Festival

Scope: music Type: review Actor: Cultural and artistic center Factotum Period: 20 and 21 June 2021

On the occasion of the European music festival, musicians of Neapolitan popular music will perform. This will then be followed by the exhibition of young Phlegraean artists flanked by the master luthiers of the ancient tradition. The performance will be an encounter between tradition and innovation capable of transporting an audience of all age groups, on a path of regeneration through music, a universal language.

2 Culture becomes (in) street

Scope: urban art Type: event Actuator: Vivi l'Estate Association Period: starting from July 2021

The project aims to create a pole of urban creativity with the creation of MURALES involving artists of national and international fame. Urban creativity in recent years has become an innovative tourist attraction that upgrades the urban environment, able to communicate the history and culture of the place.

The first mural will be created on the side facade of the Church of SS Maria Assunta in Cielo by the artist

international Luis Gomez de Teran. Multimedia projections are also planned.

3 Leucotea

Scope: marine arts and traditions Type: event Actuator: Associazione Vela Latina Monte di Procida Period: July and August 2021

The Leucotea operation will develop over several appointments. Operation Quandel or the navigation along the coast from Monte di Procida to Gaeta in July with the Janara boat in honor of Ludovico Quandel, patriarch of municipal autonomy. The project will include the recovery-restoration of a historic typical wooden gozzo "Torpedo boat of the Antilles" with a clear reference to the famous novel by Elsa Morante ". The flagship event of the initiative is the Palio Marinaro dell’Assunta, a rowing race of typical goiters that includes three heats: one for women, one reserved for the districts of Monte di Procida and one dedicated to the guests of the event.

4 New Cinema Flegreo - Season 2

Scope: cinema Type: Review Actor: Kino Campi Flegrei Period: June - September 2021

The Kino Association re-proposes the New Phlegraean Cinema project to bring cinema back to Monte di Procida. It has various objectives, including redeveloping inactive areas of the territory, supporting the Phlegraean economy, expanding the distribution and dissemination possibilities of local products, making professionals aware of the beauty of the area. Outdoor screenings, meetings with professionals and masterclasses will alternate.

5 Mythic: Physical and digital musical connections

Scope: music and visual arts Type: event Actor: Mitica Association Period: July 2021
Musicians and videomakers will share a path of inspiration linked to Monte di Procida and will then propose the final result of the expressive workshop. The sharing will begin at a distance and will culminate in the days of hospitality in Monte di Procida. The final evening includes a performance by a renowned artist. The local community will be actively involved in all phases of the project, will attend the musical performance and the projection of the video on Monte di Procida inspired by the workshop.

6 Festival - The theater is not reviewed

Scope: theater Type: Review Actor: Archè Teatro Association Period: August 2021

A festival divided into different types of events capable of attracting a large audience, including non-regional ones. The main event of the festival is a review of theatrical performances with show business professionals. There are also morning meetings involving local cultural associations, a dramatized treasure hunt that will promote knowledge of the territory's heritage, a contest with short performances and a double jury made up of the public and professionals, a theatrical tailoring exhibition.

7 Musicultura

Scope: music Type: event Actor: Philarmonica Phlegrea
Period: autumn 2021

The polyphonic group of the Assumption will perform the '' Stabat Mater '' by G.B. to emphasize the traditions, territorial ties and Phlegraean connotation. Pergolesi, a musician who lived in Pozzuoli. The event will be held in the form of a free concert for an audience from new generations to over. The goal is to enrich the cultural offer through territorial artistic training by establishing an orchestral and choral company that moves in an '' ad hoc '' repertoire in which the territory is the protagonist and art is the soundtrack.

8 'Na Bbon' vintage

Scope: traditions and identity Type: event Actor: Cappella Futura Association Period: September 2021

The initiative is dedicated to the cultural, historical, artistic and food and wine heritage of the area, paying particular attention to the traditional wine art. Wine, whose production is itself an art form, will accompany two days of musical and theatrical performances, food and wine stands, wine tastings, workshops and itineraries, whose main objectives are to promote local traditions, linguistic identity , the music and the popular poetry of the places.

9 Phlegraean flamenco festival

Scope: music and dance Type: event Actor: Dominga Andrias flamenco company Period: September 2021

The project includes flamenco shows; flamenco guitar masterclass; singing and dancing; meetings with artists; presentation of the typical shawl, with a photographic journey linked to the history of use accompanied by a paella tasting. The goal is the dissemination of the flamenco culture that conveys, through music, song and dance, the values ​​of the dignity of each people, hospitality and integration, topics of great relevance in an increasingly cosmopolitan world.

10 The pink night of children

Scope: socio-educational animation Type: event Implementing body: Ar.tù Association Period: December 2021
Initiative aimed at children through activities related to sport, acting, playful projects for the rediscovery of the trades of the past. The initiative will take place simultaneously in several different locations, in order to involve the different neighborhoods. The project involves the involvement of other associations in the area who will present projects and activities for children to carry out.